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Today 18 April, Birthday crush classmate i
Siapa lagi kalau bukan SJ kan

I wish i can celebrate his birthday
Tapi aku tengok dia busy dan tak boleh meet up
End up aku pos je hadiah birthday and souvenir tu

Actually that is my last effort on him
I just need to see his responds 
Based on his word on ws, i understand everything
He just anggap aku kawan rapat dia

Small matter for me and not a big deal
I try to fight things i really want it
So i fight it and i put my last effort
When i get the answer, then i'm really done

Macam confess perasaan pulak ni haha
Tapi aku rasa puas bila dapat jawapan tu
But its okay for me to care about you from far
I just want to see you happy with your life
Enough for me

So Sanah Helwah SJ
Thanks for being my 1st crush dekat unikl
I never forget the day i crush on you
For me it so beautiful moment

I hope all your dreams will become true
I always pray for your happiness and success
If you need someone to talk, i will always here for you
We still friends and i always watch you from far

Thanks Allah for introduce him in my life
Thanks sebab bg pinjam sekejap perasaan fall in love ni
I'm so happy for knowing him
I'm so happy because i get a chance to stay beside him

You always be a part of my life, SJ :)

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