Hello people :)

Last week i start my internship at Subang Jaya area
This internship is my last semester before graduated
There's too many things happen before the intern day
But i still can handle the situation

Since i started my internship
I really had this feelings
I keep inside and sometime i think about it

When we have our own way we might forget people around us
Actually it's not about forgetting but think about the future
I know people are too busy with their own life
But why they like run far from me?
Or i'm the one run from them?

Too be honest i feel like an alien for them
They can see but they make blind with me
Maybe people around me have find a happiness
People said 'If your friends have a partner, don't disturb them'
That statement really true and i always get tested like that

I really sad and i feel like they forget about me
Hmmmmm i've to accept all this shit


This person really meant to me
He is the one who can listen all my story
And i feel comfortable when i'm with him

Aku ni makcik dia, and dia anak sedara aku
Haha people have no idea how closed we are
Aku sayang dia macam adik sendiri
Kalau dia pun kahwin awal meraung lah aku
Takde kawan nak gurau senda dah haha

Qayyim, all you have go through is really life
You'll meet people and they leave you like nothing happen
I hope you will be more strongggg
And keep fighting for your own life
I know it hard, but you have to do that

Anything happen i always with you
Fighting Qayyim !


Yesterday Kak Ella weddings
Congratsss Kak Ella for your wedding
May all the happiness always with you and husband

Lepasni turn Izry pulak bulan 12 ni
Tinggal aku je ni haa lepas Izry
Everyone keep point me about married
Haha I just can laugh and smile

Nevermind one day i'll find my mr right


Currently i love to read this person blog
She's really give me an inspiration about life
On her blog she used simple word

Now i know how people really inspired with her
And i understand how hard people if lost her in their life
She just a simple person and confident about it

Every story she update is so interesting
And i make her as my benchmark for studying
Idk how to express about her but she really something

I wish i can learn everything from you
And i wish i'll know her more closely
I pray for her happiness and success
All the best for her...