Hello my fav listener!

Peh rasa dah lama gila ni tak update blog ni
I'm so sorry blogger I'm busy chasing my future
Actually banyak benda nak luahkan tapi tak terluah
Macam2 jadi dalam hidup aku skrg
But I can faced it dengan tenang

So baru baru ni my graduation day finally happening
Well i just can't believe that i'm a degree holder
I am so proud with myself
And i'm so happy can met again with my friends

Even ktorg banyak salah faham & bergaduh
But still ktorg stay in our friendship
Dan yang selalu bergaduh tu aku lah! Haha (I admit it :p)

I am so sorry my friend bcs i keep hurting you
Sometimes i forgot that everyone have to faced their own problem
And i should understand their situation and give a support to them
I am sorry again my friends...

So here i attach uols with all the beautiful photo preconvo hihi
Congratsssss my friends! We did it! 

Tak lupa jugak penat lelah aku ni untuk family jugak
Thank you umi abah for keep support me