Hello people :)

Last week i start my internship at Subang Jaya area
This internship is my last semester before graduated
There's too many things happen before the intern day
But i still can handle the situation

Since i started my internship
I really had this feelings
I keep inside and sometime i think about it

When we have our own way we might forget people around us
Actually it's not about forgetting but think about the future
I know people are too busy with their own life
But why they like run far from me?
Or i'm the one run from them?

Too be honest i feel like an alien for them
They can see but they make blind with me
Maybe people around me have find a happiness
People said 'If your friends have a partner, don't disturb them'
That statement really true and i always get tested like that

I really sad and i feel like they forget about me
Hmmmmm i've to accept all this shit

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