Last two weeks, i make my own short vacation
Haha acah acah backpack alone babe
Not bad my short vacay everything going smoothly

1st trip i go to the Malacca 
Macam biasa if i go to Malacca, i met Kak ira
My senior and now she study at USM
So at that time dia cuti sem
Jadi i amik peluang ni jumpa dia, pillow talk with her
Plus i love coconut hunting at Malacca! (Yummy)

Then i go to Johor! My kampung babe
But i didn't go to my kampung lah i go met my friends
Macam biasa if i go to Johor, i will go to Unikl Mitec
So i take this chances lepak dengan dorang semua

So the last trip and the main trip actually is Terengganu!
My junior kahwin and she wanted us to be her bridesmaid
Seronok gak jadi bridesmaid. Hihi
Congrats and Selamat Pengantin Baru Ira
Im happy seeing you happy with your husband :)

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